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Heatcraft 18th year Scholarship Award Ceremony

2016-07-12 08:47:07

Heatcraft 18th year Scholarship Award Ceremony

April 6, Shanghai Jiaotong University Summer Anshi professor of educational foundations and American Sieg (Heatcraft) Co., Ltd. jointly organize the 20th summer Anshi fund will scholarship, teaching awards ceremony held in light Biao floor of multi-function hall.

Shanghai Institute of refrigeration vice chairman Xie Jing, Shanghai Refrigeration and air conditioning industry Association Deputy Secretary General Huang Yongzheng, Sieg company Asia General Manager Hu Guojiang, on behalf of the company, Shanghai Jiaotong University, deputy party secretary Zhu Jian, Xia Shi professor of education fund will be chairman, Shanghai Jiaotong University of mechanical and power engineering College Ruzhu Wang professor of well-known experts and scholars and nearly 300 teachers and students to participate in the ceremony. Professor Chen Jiangping of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of mechanical and power engineering won the "outstanding Professor Award, Zheng Xuhe Wang Linan won the outstanding student award.

In April 1996, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of refrigeration and Shanghai Refrigeration and air conditioning machinery industry association jointly established the "summer Anshi professor of Education Foundation", Comrade Wang Daohan personally for the fund will inscription. Foundation to develop China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry, cultivation of the talent of refrigeration and air conditioning, cherish the memory of the late founder of China Refrigeration and cryogenic technology professional Professor Xia Shi. Foundation for the well-known colleges and universities in low temperature refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (ring) professional selection of a good doctor, master and undergraduate students, and get a well-known professor of outstanding achievements in scientific research, the issued "outstanding student award" and "Distinguished Professor Award".

Awards event held once a year, currently has 20 calendar years. American heatcraft company has 18 consecutive years and School of mechanical and power engineering of refrigeration and cryogenic engineering research collaboration funded summer Anshi education fund will held a scholarship and award to teach an activity, the award of China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry the most outstanding professors and students.

In 1997-2016 in summer Anshi Professor Award Science Research Grants for a total of 20 award, a total of 171 undergraduates, 20 master's degree students, 47 doctoral students and 25 professors award from 13 universities in the country.


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