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Innovative Products Tactical

2016-07-12 08:46:30


Innovative Products Tactical

- Interview Heatcraft Refrigeration (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. marketing department manager Cao Henry


Editor's Note


As the saying goes, "Business is war", I believe that every business managers this sentence has a very profound experience, especially in the current downturn in the global economic environment, enterprise development difficult era of competition, businesses every step forward, it is as if riding a boat. However, in this Baigezhengliu market trend, in order to win the final victory, "tactics" are essential for each competitor is.


As the grandson of "The Art of War" begins, she wrote: "All warfare, affairs of state, and death, the survival of the Road, must be very cautious." Tactical first investigated first. The water is uncertain shape, soldiers uncertain situation, always pay attention to market trends, focusing on the customer, Fang is the best policy. Then take the "tactics" in order to attack had long been of short, capitalize on the trend before, you're done!


For enterprises, the "tactical" variety, the only product innovation is fundamental. "Made in China 2025", "artisan spirit", "innovation and transformation", "public entrepreneurship and innovation," and so the words along with two of the country this year, the spring breeze blowing from north to south, in these ideas, product innovation has made new policy guidance and encouragement.




Heatcraft Refrigeration (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. as the world's leading refrigeration equipment manufacturers, on the road of innovation and development has been actively explored, particularly in terms of product innovation, but also walk in the forefront of the industry. At the beginning of 2016, Heatcraft the parent company of Lennox Heritage Group 120 years of experience in product development, combined with the current needs of the new market, the two new products based on the original product system, the elite series of wall-mounted condensing unit vortex and parallel unit for the upcoming formal launch of the two products, Henry Cao connection Heatcraft refrigeration market manager "cold chain" magazine reporter, asked him to explain the performance characteristics of the two new products, applications, and related services for your exclusive first unveiled Heatcraft in 2016 two new products.


First, the elite series of wall-mounted condensing unit. According to Henry Cao introduction, the product innovatively Heatcraft unique product ideas into product design and development, high-efficiency scroll compressor, high overall efficiency, and the application of the world-renowned brand of fan motor low noise; the same time, its unique design, make the product compared with other forms of unit, easy to install, can be wall to be placed on the ground, the use of more flexible. In addition, the overall system design, Heatcraft for different application areas load fluctuations of a product that has been further optimized design, with superior low-temperature cooling capacity, better able to meet the cold storage market User needs.


The higher cost of the product, and the wide range of applications. According to Henry Cao to the "cold chain" magazine reporter, which is mainly used in low temperature storage, including the special requirements of temperature wine beverages, dairy products, meat products, blood products, and so on. In particular, the recent outbreak of a vaccine event, concern national governments and the community to the vaccine cold storage is increasing. Due to the special nature of the vaccine, so demanding storage conditions, storage and distribution must be carried out at a suitable temperature, a complete cold chain is not broken. If there is a deviation would lead to degeneration of vaccine failure, can not play its due role. Directed to this feature, Heatcraft Henry Cao as an upstream supplier of refrigeration equipment, cryogenic storage of vaccines which provide a wall-mounted condensing units, on the basis of fully optimized system design, the large fluctuations in load changes under the circumstances to maintain the operational stability of the refrigeration system.


In addition, supermarket display cabinets, freezers, it is also more applicable. Pick up due to the frequent, frequent load fluctuations, for this application, Heatcraft for a product that has been optimized to better adapt to the super operating conditions.


For this new product more used in large super condensing units compared with Heatcraft the new product is mainly used in convenience stores, restaurant chains and cold medicines and other places. Its excellent product performance and excellent application performance in 2016 China will become a major market low-temperature refrigeration dazzling star. Henry Cao marketing manager, told reporters, it is expected this new product will be officially listed in April this year, which will bring more business users a new look!


Secondly, vortex parallel units. For some new requirements appearing on the market at present, Heatcraft With years of experience and technical strength, independent research and development of fusion Heatcraft product design concept of this new product. According to Mr. Henry Cao  introduction of new products which are the following performance characteristics: 1, more compact design; 2, small size, small footprint; 3, using the industry-leading modular design, these three characteristics and product advantages close to the user needs is Heatcraft in 2016 to achieve competitive differentiation in the market a big winning "magic."


Especially for this modular design, marketing manager Henry Cao highlighted its advantages, he said that with the development of the industry, product customization requirements of increasingly high, while the overall cost and delivery time also requires more stringent control, in this case, it is necessary to meet customer demand for customization, but also to shorten delivery times, reduce customer acquisition costs, thus, Heatcraft innovatively 2015 has been promoting the concept of modular design applied to parallel units in this scroll, and to provide matching selection software, customers in the selection, only need to open the software, enter the relevant requirements parameters, the software will module automatically recommends related needs, and then assembled, three-dimensional renderings customers want to exhibit models, which greatly satisfy the customer's high-end custom needs. For customers, the modular design concept, but also to customized ductility more!


In the application scope, Henry Cao marketing manager also told reporters that the scroll parallel units wide range of applications, with 4HP ~ 60HP larger cooling capacity range. The main drag is applied to a plurality of units of cold storage applications, particularly in small and medium sized cold storage applications applies more broadly. Secondly, super applications are more widely used, because of its compact structure of the vortex parallel unit itself, smaller, and lower noise, which is fully in line with the supermarket operator's various needs. Not only in the supermarket, but also in all kinds of wholesale market will be better used.


For which time to market for new products, marketing manager Mr. Henry Cao also bluntly told reporters, will be officially available later this year. Moreover, after the current has been installed in the relevant projects, there will be a few months before the next test listed until the product reliability are fully field-proven, the product will really for the majority of users and customers.


Again, customer support and service. Then the new products to market is related support services, service quality directly affects the user experience. According to Henry Cao marketing manager said, Heatcraft in 2016 to increase investment in channel resources for both keen to Heatcraft brand also has the strength of dealers, Heatcraft in price, delivery etc. will give maximum support on policy support and services, the company will provide sales and customer training, marketing and other measures as authorized dealers to help dealers quickly open the market; for the majority of users, Henry Cao marketing manager, said, Next, there will be more surprises and value-added services to the user, in this, the reporter cited Japanese anime artist Miyazaki's words help Heatcraft secrecy, that is, "Do not worry, the best things come when you least expect time appears. "Finally, for the core parts manufacturers, Henry Cao also introduced to the market manager, in terms of the scroll compressor, Heatcraft will conduct in-depth cooperation with the world's leading compressor manufacturers, including accessories, and other aspects of the design program will carry out the more extensive cooperation to ensure Heatcraft products in refrigeration, performance, efficiency, environmental protection, and will always be in industry-leading level.


Every product innovation have confirmed Heatcraft as a global leader in the progress and development of enterprises footprint, having "artisan spirit" quality to shape, polish every detail of the product, is Heatcraft former line is the most important concern. "These two new products is Heatcraft 2016 a major initiative in product innovation excellent performance of the two products will also meet more customer needs of users and the market, we believe that the listing of the two products will bring to customers to more surprises. "Henry Cao marketing manager of future market performance of two new products demonstrated great self-confidence.


Interview Postscript


Product innovation as a business object with a carrier, carrying the corporate brand concept and technical strength, which for each enterprise, is the most central part, Heatcraft is no exception. On the positive response to the call "public entrepreneurship and innovation," under, Heatcraft in 2016, the beginning of a heavy launch two innovative products. In this interview, according to Heatcraft Marketing Manager Henry Cao introduction of new products, we believe that product innovation is "tactics" to win the market, only the confusion between!


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