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Heatcraft get refrigeration industry's first UL Certification

2016-07-12 08:44:58

Heatcraft get refrigeration industry's first UL Certification

May 2016, Heatcraft global refrigeration (Heatcraft Wordwide Refrigeration) usher in a landmark breakthrough. After a rigorous review of various UL, Heatcraft officially joined the CTDP project (UL Client Test Data project), became the refrigeration industry in the first win of the enterprise. This is the North American certification body accredited laboratory for Heatcraft, meaning without the supervision of UL personnel certification bodies, accompanied by test results Heatcraft to UL certification and accreditation of laboratories use, as a basis for obtaining UL certification.

Heatcraft has long been attached great importance to product performance and quality, and a sound quality management system, is committed to research and manufacture of quality products. The added CTDP project, Heatcraft will continue its efforts in quality control and product safety assurance, etc., to provide the most secure products and solutions for the refrigeration industry.

UL American Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) shorthand. UL safety test by the United States the most authoritative, but also engaged in security testing and identification of the larger civil society institutions sector. It is an independent, non-profit, testing for public safety professional organizations do. UL certification is mainly engaged in safety certification and safety certificate to operate the product business, the ultimate goal is to market the goods with a considerable level of safety, and to provide standard protection for human health and property.


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