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2016 Asia fresh Show Report 06.2016

2016-07-12 08:44:07

2016 Asia fresh Show Report


2016 Asian fresh Distribution Exhibition, Heatcraft exhibited the latest refrigeration products - elite series of condensing unit, vortex units in parallel and cascade type carbon dioxide condensing unit, combined with digital scroll technology, and optimize the system. The flagship product embodies the concept of the show, for the fresh cold chain provides the most advanced solution.


Heatcraft and authorized engineering business together participated in the exhibition, in order to achieve the best exhibition effe

ct, we do fully prepared, the scene not only show the Heatcraft frozen products, such as the cold wind machine, hanging wall CDU, vortex and online group. It also shows the global probability condition, so that everyone can see we are not only provide frozen products and let more people understand us.


Asian fresh distribution exhibition is a good communication and exchange platform, Heatcraft hope through this platform, let more end-users to more in-depth understanding of CECO refrigeration, in addition to the understanding of our products, and understand the concept and service, this is reflected Heatcraft value of core.


A global company is Heatcraft. In refrigerating industry always implement is slow and steady strategy through the past ten years in China's arduous and cultivated, in the industry won a good reputation. In the context of the rapid development of the refrigeration industry, Heatcraft will seize this opportunity to accelerate the development of new products to promote, to further enhance the quality of products and the overall service. I believe Heatcraft only a good user experience will bring sustained and stable growth, so a direct, Heatcraft has been to enhance the user experience as the focus of development, from product development to after-sales service, for customers to provide total solutions, until the customer satisfied.


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